Deposits (Advanced)

Executing investments at a certain time

As a Portfolio Manager, you may want to control how deposits are coming into the Vault. Some reasons for this are:

  • Being able to rebalance the Vault at a time that suits you (eg. every morning at 9am).

  • Being able to rebalance the Vault at a time when gas costs are low.

  • Waiting for a minimum amount of deposits before having to rebalance so that you can spread out the cost of rebalancing.

With this in mind, we have devised a policy which enables Vault Managers to 'queue up' deposit requests and execute them all in one go at a certain time per day or at a time when suits them.

To activate this policy, you can go to the Policies section of your Vault Manager launchpad and add the Buy Shares Caller Whitelist policy. At this point you need to add the shares requester contract: 0xddb83fa4800b2b58ae179a4f912e0a55093f56cf

Save this and confirm the transaction to add this policy.

Once the transaction is confirmed, you can go to your Settings tab and Enable Deposit Request Functionality. Here you can add/remove access to people who are allowed to execute deposit requests on the Portfolio's behalf.

At this point an "Deposit Requests" tab will appear on your Vault Manager launchpad. Here you can monitor deposit requests as they come in and execute them in batches in line with your strategy or preference.