Trade & Interact with DeFi Plugins

Now that you're all set up, you're ready to start investing! At this point you will have 100% of your Vault's assets in the denomination currency.


Do you want to start trading tokens? Simply click on the Token Swap tab and you'll be able to compare prices between different DEX's and aggregators.

Access to DeFi's best aggregators, DEX's and market makers


You may decide you want to provide liquidity to AMM pools. Easy! Go to the Pools tab and you'll be able to directly deposit into Uniswap pools from your Vault Manager launchpad. You will only be able to deposit in to pools if you have the right underlying assets.


Now you might own some DAI which you don't plan to spend for some time. Why not lend it out via one of our lending adapters and earn some interest to enhance your performance? You can do this by going to the lending tab from the Vault Manager and lending the asset of choice. Similarly to pools, you have to have the underlying assets before you can lend.

Airdrops and Farming

It can be the case that your Vault is eligible for an airdrop or otherwise has a claim on tokens that it did not receive via investment or the Enzyme-native trading integrations. As long as these assets are in the supported asset universe, there is a method to claim these tokens that mitigates the risk of a front-running attack.

Step 1

Temporarily disable depositors into your Vault. This can be accomplished by setting both the Minimum Deposit and Maximum Deposit to 0 in the Policies tab of the Vault Manager Launchpad.

Step 2

Claim the tokens to your Vault's address (shown on the Overview tab of your Vault's main page , in the Vault Factsheet tab at the bottom of the screen).

Step 3

Add the asset in question to your Vault's Tracked Asset list. As a reminder, this list is automatically generated by trading activity within Enzyme, but must be manually updated for tokens that accrue to the Vault outside of any Enzyme integrations. To update this list, go to the Settings tab of your Vault Manager Launchpad and scroll down to the Add Tracked Assets tool.

Step 4

Re-enable deposits in the Vault on the same screen as Step 1 by entering your investment limits and clicking save. If you choose to have no investment limits, simply toggle both options off and hit save.